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  1. Can i ask about the timeline on the Events Schedule is really working. I saw some Event are not ran correctly. Specialy in Golden Invasion time. When it comes to times but the ingame announcement are not announcing the event and i find all the map can exist Golden bosses but there are nothing; furthurmore the counting time sometime count up to 1 day later for the next event time. For Blood, Devil, Chaos events when the time in counting time but i can get into the events. Can you recheck again the events time. Thanks
  2. I open alot of Muun from the Luck Bag Egg and i got the one called Shogunpet but since that i could not open the Muun Inventory anymore. Whenever i try to open that i was disconnected immediately with the notice error said "fildmodel.... Shogunpet.bmd". Can anyone tell me what is this wrong function of game...