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  1. Why on kanturu island drops only potion AG recovery? Should drops normal items and weapons 380. Admin Could u fix this? Thanks
  2. GROM

    Kanturu island drop

    Yea 4h drop only one PSS with 2 killers+ee with 20k+dmg per sec
  3. GROM

    Fernir healing

    Hello anyone Anybody has succesfull healed fernir i spent about 15 blesses to heal him and nothing... Someone had same problem?
  4. GROM

    BC, DS

  5. Hello I want to ask how it possible that my panda (ring too) and wing are expiried? Should be able to use to 28.09.2018 at 22:08 like my RF but is expired now... Why?
  6. GROM


    But how? Serwer was started at 22:00 o 0:00 my rf have panda and ring cape too for next 10h
  7. Hello Why from Navy candy boxes don't drops items for all classes only for SM,DL,ELF,BK? I think that should be add items for MG,RF,SUM,GL too. Cuz about 2 days item which this class are wearing will dissapeared beacuse exc set +9 are only for 7 days... Same weapons for rf/gl/summ didnt drops from boxes/bosses(i mean Kundun, Medusa, Selupan) RF has hit by fist? Items for other character should drops from boxes too. If it doesn't players will leave this serwer after they lose yours sets
  8. GROM

    Chaos Machine

    Hello Chaos Machine % works good? I ask cuz i failed 5 times item +L at 10 normal item from npc. I tried made wind+13 but imposible 5 fail a making +10/11( was 85% in CM) i made only armor +11 cuz wasted jewels 😄
  9. GROM

    Chaos Machine

    But at 85% as many fails? Which items runny stone?
  10. GROM

    Master lvl EE

    Check buff setting debuff maybeu reset and u have 0s My ee works fine
  11. Hello Why here don't works easter invasion? I mean invasion where we can drops Egg to hunt MUUN's in cities like /Lorencia, Devias, Noria, Elbeland(rabbits)/Icarus, all Kanturu, Ferea, Aida (latern). I think that add event will divesified the time spent in the game on looking and hunting muuns