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  1. dimon333

    Update 0.00.01

    maybe add exchange hours for wcoin?40 wc in vote small?x-shop price bigest
  2. dimon333

    Master lvl EE

  3. dimon333

    Master lvl EE

  4. dimon333

    Master lvl EE

    mu helper use only buff heal!no use def and demage buff. after elf up master lvl
  5. dimon333

    Master lvl EE

  6. dimon333

    Master lvl EE

    clicker no worked for buff def and attack,after as elf make master lvl, clicker only worked if elf add this point ! sorry i bad know english
  7. dimon333

    Master lvl EE

    When the elf takes the master of the left then the clicker is not a buff members party, starts the buff only when you stretch the points! this is very bad because you need to constantly look not to get into afk!!!